The Best Web Browser For Your Smart Phone

Web browser (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Dozens of Web browsers are available for download and use on any smartphone, and many of these browsers are free. Most smartphones come with a browser already installed. However, many users have another browser they're already fond of using on their desktop or … [Read more...]

Four Tips to Faxing Important Documents Online

Documents (Photo credit: taestell) When you have to fax an important document to another business or client, there is certainly no time to waste. More businesses are using reliable online faxing services as opposed to the loud, and often complicated traditional machines once used for sending … [Read more...]

Gambling Is Serious Business

You've heard stories of professional gamblers either in songs, movies, or TV shows. They are normally romantic figures — dashing, intelligent, and probably unwashed. However, something that they — and their real professional counterparts — all have in common is that they are always incredibly … [Read more...]

Computer Help & Solutions : Creating a Flowchart in OpenOffice

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to show you how to create a ‘flow chart’ using ‘OpenOffice’. Let’s go to our computer and we’re going to open up ‘Open Office’ by clicking on the start button. Let’s go to ‘all programs’, let’s find ‘OpenOffcie’ and you click … [Read more...]

Computer Help & Solutions : Definition of Spinning a PDF File

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to talk to you about the definition of spinning a PDF file. Now basically when you talk about spinning a PDF, you talk about taking a regular document of some type that you have on your computer, and converting it into a PDF document that opens with … [Read more...]

Tutorial For Page Styles and Paragraph Styles

OpenOffice Page Styles To get started you will want to download OpenOffice. Once the software is installed, click File>New>Text Document. Located at the bottom of the screen are two words: Page 1/1 and Default. Page 1/1 references the numbers of pages in the documents, in this case one … [Read more...]

Page Layout and Page Template

This OpenOffice tutorial will show you how to select your printing page size, set margins, add page numbers, add a footer and activate tips. We will create and save a template. This template will contain the same layout designed in the start of the tutorial. This will save time because you … [Read more...]

No Computer Experience

This tutorial explains how to use a keyboard and a mouse. The Main Menu for writers is also covered here. Teachers: You may need to download OpenOffice and open up a new text file for each of the students. How to Open a New Document 1. If you are on the desktop, then click Start followed by All … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Information

File Format Differences The file formats are different now in OpenOffice 2.0. 1. The new download of OpenOffice has different formats in comparison to the older versions of OpenOffice 1.x.x. The new 2.0 version can open, edit and save all of the older 1.x.x files. If you use the 2.0 version, … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office vs Open Office

The Part 1 section of this tutorial is intended for the user with OpenOffice as well as Microsoft Office installed on their computer. The Part 2 section is intended for OpenOffice users that share files with users that don’t have OpenOffice installed on their computer. OpenOffice Flexibility … [Read more...]