Page Layout and Page Template

This OpenOffice tutorial will show you how to select your printing page size, set margins, add page numbers, add a footer and activate tips. We will create and save a template. This template will contain the same layout designed in the start of the tutorial. This will save time because you … [Read more...]

No Computer Experience

This tutorial explains how to use a keyboard and a mouse. The Main Menu for writers is also covered here. Teachers: You may need to download OpenOffice and open up a new text file for each of the students. How to Open a New Document 1. If you are on the desktop, then click Start followed by All … [Read more...]

Miscellaneous Information

File Format Differences The file formats are different now in OpenOffice 2.0. 1. The new download of OpenOffice has different formats in comparison to the older versions of OpenOffice 1.x.x. The new 2.0 version can open, edit and save all of the older 1.x.x files. If you use the 2.0 version, … [Read more...]

Write A Poem Template

Purpose of Tutorial This will teach you how to create Paragraph Styles that can be used for Poems. Simple poems can be written to show how to use the Paragraph Styles. Opening a New Document 1. From OpenOffice, select in the menu bar File >> New >> Text Document. A document … [Read more...]

Mailing Labels and Address Labels

The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how you can create a sheet of labels using an OpenOffice download. Each of the labels on the sheet is going to have the exact same information which will be a name and address. The sheet is designed to be printed. The file will also be saved so that you … [Read more...]

Editing Formulas

Formula Editor allows you to write formulas in a symbolic format. The Addition of a Symbolic Form 1. If OpenOffice isn’t running go to Start, All Programs, OpenOffice 2.0, OpenOffice Writer. 2. Click File, New, Text Document in OpenOffice. (An Untitled1 document will show up.) 3. Go to … [Read more...]

First Time Users of OpenOffice Writer

First Time Users of OpenOffice Writer Writer is a word processing software program offered by OpenOffice. The purpose of this tutorial is to explain how you can use the OpenOffice Tips feature, how you can create a new text document, how you can change the size of your paper, how you can alter … [Read more...]

Basics of Spreadsheets Tutorial

To be successful with spreadsheets you must understand the basics. This OpenOffice tutorial will teach the basics of Spreadsheets. Definition of Spreadsheet The word “spreadsheet” came from the large paper used for business finances that accountants used before computers. Information … [Read more...]

Creating Labels

Purpose The purpose of this tutorial is to introduce you to using Draw for the purpose of creating small labels. We will cover creating a brand new document, creating various draw objects, altering their properties, copying and also pasting. The result is going to be 20 identical … [Read more...]

Creating A Tutorial Using OpenOffice

The following set of instructions focus on how to write a tutorial using OpenOffice Suite. The information contained about the tutorials is generalized information. There is also some information on standardization. The information here is about writing tutorials. 1. All users are encouraged … [Read more...]