My Cookbook Master Document

The Purpose of This Tutorial Master Documents coordinate several separate documents allowing them to behave as a single document. These separate documents are capable of being modified by individuals who are working independently. This tutorial will show you how to create separate documents … [Read more...]


One of the many features of OpenOffice Suite is Macros. A series of recorded keystrokes given a name is called a Macro. When you start a macro using keystrokes the keystrokes that were previously recorded are automatically run. Create A Macro 1. Go to File, New, Text Document. A new … [Read more...]

Drawing in OpenOffice Writer

Within Writer, which is the word processing software offered by OpenOffice, you can use the tools to make very simple drawings. If you need to create more complex drawings, then you should use the Draw feature. The purpose of this tutorial is to show you how to open up the Draw Functions … [Read more...]

Multiple Page Styles in a Single Document

This OpenOffice tutorial will show how you can have different "Page Styles" in a single document. You can make a "Page Style" with "Portrait Orientation" and additionally a "Page Style" with "Landscape Orientation." The document made will have four pages and "Page 1" will have the "Portrait … [Read more...]

The Process of PowerPoint to Impress Presentation

Introduction The objective of the tutorial is to covert a PowerPoint Presentation from Microsoft to Impress Presentation for use by Sun Office or Open Office. When accessing PowerPoint presentations with Open Office, the transition for the slides don’t convert each and every time. You may … [Read more...]

Using Open Office Bibliography Function

Open Office can keep track of any bibliography entries. A reference source can be entered once and put into future documents. Select Tools, then Bibliography Database. This will access the database window. Adding entries into the database is easy. In the column buttons there are yellow … [Read more...]