Computer Help & Solutions : Creating a Flowchart in OpenOffice

Hi, my name is Dave Andrews. Today I’m going to show you how to create a ‘flow chart’ using ‘OpenOffice’. Let’s go to our computer and we’re going to open up ‘Open Office’ by clicking on the start button. Let’s go to ‘all programs’, let’s find ‘OpenOffcie’ and you click … [Read more...]

Microsoft Office vs Open Office

The Part 1 section of this tutorial is intended for the user with OpenOffice as well as Microsoft Office installed on their computer. The Part 2 section is intended for OpenOffice users that share files with users that don’t have OpenOffice installed on their computer. OpenOffice Flexibility … [Read more...]

Icons on the Tool Bars

This OpenOffice tutorial explains how to add, to delete, to replace and to re-arrange icons on your Standard Toolbar and on your Formatting Toolbar. This guide will show you how to replace, to rearrange, to add and to delete icons on both your Standard and Formatting Toolbar. After you … [Read more...]

A Look at What Impress Is

OpenOffice comes with a presentation feature called IMPRESS. Presentations are documents that on computer will appear normal and can be used in projectors so that it can be shown on walls and external screens. Laptops are used for presentations. IMPRESS is similar to a slide show. One page … [Read more...]

Spreadsheet Math Tutorial

Math can be used in OpenOffice Spreadsheets. This tutorial will explain how to do math functions. Addition Addition requires the use of the + sign. To create the + sign hold the shift key and press the +/= key. 1. Select cell A6. 2. Write the number 10 then hit the Enter key. The number … [Read more...]

Improve Your Presentation with Automated Slides

Using Automated Slides in a OpenOffice Presentation After you have finished creating your Impress Presentation, a great touch would be to automate the slides. This will avoid having to click from one slide to the next. 1. Select File, then Open. The "Open" window will appear. 2. Select … [Read more...]