Computer Help & Solutions : Creating a Flowchart in OpenOffice

OpenOffice Suite’ and what we want to make sure as you’re, see we already got the drawing tool bar already here at the bottom. We want to make sure that’s visible for you. So we are going to click on the ‘view’ menu at the top, then we’re going to go to ‘tool bars’ and check the drawing ‘tool bar’ and you see mine is checked, if I uncheck that it disappears. If I go to ‘view’, ‘toolbars’ and click on ‘drawing’ and now I have my ‘drawing’ tool bar. Now these are some options, objects rather that you can use to draw your own ‘flow chart’ in ‘OpenOffice’. I’m going to start by just dragging a little rectangle on here and let’s say we’re doing something for the evaluation of our employees. I’m going to drop a rectangle on there and I’m going to double click on it and it will ask me to type inside it. So we’re going to say ‘Evaluate employees’. I’m going to click ‘off edit’ and I’m going to click an ‘arrow’ by finding my ‘block arrows’ button here. I going to choose to draw just survey ‘down arrow’. I’m going to draw an arrow pointing down. Now right next to that I’m going to add a text object by clicking on text and just clicking next to it, I actually need to draw a little box, draw a little box next to it and I’m going to say ‘good evaluation. And that will create us to another object. I’m going to make a circle as an action and double click on that and I’m going to say give raise. Now from the ‘Evaluate employees’ I’m going to drag another arrow going off to the right here, next to it I have a text item that says ‘Bad evaluation’ and the action item for that is going to be ‘discipline employee’. So it’s that easy as you can see to make a little simple flow chart using ‘OpenOffice’ it’s a very good tool for making decisions and deciding where you’re going to go given different circumstances. My name is Dave Andrews and I’ve just showed you how to create a ‘flow chart’ using ‘OpenOffice suite.’

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