Computer Help & Solutions : Definition of Spinning a PDF File

spinning a PDF, you talk about taking a regular document of some type that you have on your computer, and converting it into a PDF document that opens with ‘Adobe’s PDF Reader’. I’m actually going to show you how to do this for free, right now. So let’s go to our computer. And what we’re going to use to create this PDF is a program called ‘OpenOffice’ which is…I don’t know if you ever used the ‘Microsoft Office Suite’ but ‘OpenOffice’ is very similar and it’s free for download at It includes ‘Word’ document type thing and a ‘spreadsheet editor’ and as you can see it looks a whole lot like most of the ‘Word’ processing interfaces you’ve gotten used to. So I’m going to type in some information here, and so… ‘This is my PDF file created by OpenOffice’. Now from here I’m going to click on the ‘File’ menu. I’m going to click on ‘Export as PDF’. It’s going to ask me some information about the quality of the PDF I’d like to create. I’m just going to go with the defaults and all you have to do is at the very bottom of this window click on the ‘Export’ button. Now it’s going to ask you what you would like to save your PDF as. I’m going to put it on my desktop. I’m going to call this ‘My PDF’, I’m going to click ‘Save’. That has just created our PDF document. If I minimize this you will see that there is ‘My PDF.pdf’, so going to open that up and there is my ‘PDF’ file that was created by ‘Open Office’. It’s that easy to spin your own PDF’s using OpenOffice free software. My name is Dave Andrews and I’ve just talked to you a little bit about ‘spinning a PDF’.

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