Gambling Is Serious Business

You’ve heard stories of professional gamblers either in songs, movies, or TV shows. They are normally romantic figures — dashing, intelligent, and probably unwashed. However, something that they — and their real professional counterparts — all have in common is that they are always incredibly well-organized, at least where their winnings and losings are concerned. In romantic media this organization might take the form of a leather moleskin notebook with pages of meticulous entries, but for real professional gamblers nothing beats the ease and utility of Open Office. Yet, before talking about the benefits of Open Office, you must understand how the profession of gambling has changed with the advent of new technology.

The Modern “Lone Wolf”

Because of the prevalence of online casinos, professional gamblers no longer need to travel from city to city to find a new stomping ground (though they may still travel from Starbucks to Starbucks as the mood takes them). Indeed, to move to a new casino all he or she needs to do is find a directory of casinos and then click on the next hyperlink.

Similar to the ease of finding a new “house” to bet against, the vast quantity of online casinos makes it so that they must actively compete for business by offering large sign up bonuses to new players. This additional wrinkle in the business has given the modern professional gambler a new name — “bonus hunters.” These bonus hunters troll the internet to find bonuses for their favorite online gambling games, use the bonus, collect their winnings and then move on.

Staying Organized

While any romantics reading this article might mourn the loss of the red leather notebook, the purely practical will see the immense improvements that Open Office can offer to a gambler who chooses to pursue this new way of life.

So if you want to keep track of your gambling while playing exciting casino games like Fantastic Four slots, you might want to consider the following tips:

  • Ease: All a modern gambler does to record his or her winnings is minimize his or her game, bring up an open office spreadsheet and type — as opposed to having to either keep track of the progress of the game mentally until it was over, or else hold everyone else up while the notebook was whipped out and scribbled in.
  • Speed: Most people can type faster than they can write — a factor that has largely contributed to the disappearance of cursive — but also means that gamblers can record their efforts on a computer faster than on a pad of paper.
  • Security: This is a big one. By keeping digital — rather than physical — records, the modern gambler can make sure those records stay secure by making backup copies, which can be stored with cloud computing, and simply because a person is less likely to lose their laptop than a small notebook.
  • innovation: Because Open Office is — as its name suggests — an open source software, it is improved regularly, for free!

Clearly, the modern gambler, or bonus hunter, has some large advantages over his or her media doppelgänger. However, I would contend that Open Office is one of the bigger ones.

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