No Computer Experience

This tutorial explains how to use a keyboard and a mouse. The Main Menu for writers is also covered here.

Teachers: You may need to download OpenOffice and open up a new text file for each of the students.

How to Open a New Document

1. If you are on the desktop, then click Start followed by All Programs and 2.3, then click on Writer.

2. If you are already in the Writer program, then click File, then New and Text Document.

3. In either of these cases, the text document will appear on your screen entitled “Untitled1.”

The Screen

1. The screen is similar to a television screen and is where you are going to see things happen.

The Keyboard

1. The keyboard contains keys that you can press in order to make characters appear on your screen, including numbers, letters and symbols.

2. To “press” means to touch one of the keys on your keyboard hard enough that the character appears on the screen, then immediately releasing the key.

3. Try to press the H key. An H should appear on your screen. Next to this “h” there should be a vertical line that is flashing. This flashing line is known as the Cursor and its purpose is to indicate where new text will be placed any time that you press one of the keyboard keys. Try to press “E,” then “L” and then “P” so that the word help appears on your screen.

The Space Bar

This is the long key in the very middle of the bottom of your keyboard. Press this key and your cursor will jump over one space.

The Shift Key

The shift key will help you make letters be capitalized, allowing you to type “Help” instead of “help.”

Type “Help” using the following method:

1. Press the Shift key and hold it down. Press the “H” then release the Shift. “H” will appear capitalized on your screen.

2. Press E, L and P just as you did before so that the word “Help” now appears on your screen.

The Mouse

The device next to your keyboard is the mouse.

1. When you roll the mouse, the pointer will move on the screen.

2. When you roll the mouse up or down on your mouse pad, the pointer is going to move up or down on your screen.

3. If you roll the mouse away from the mouse pad, then you should pick it up and return it to the mouse pad.

4. Now roll the mouse to the right or left on your mouse pad. Notice that the pointer will move to the right and left along with your movements.

5. Roll the mouse until the pointer is over the word “Help.”

6. Without allowing the mouse to move, “click” with the left mouse button. The mouse is divided into different buttons, including at least a left button and a right button. Put your index finger down on the left button, pressing it with that finger and then releasing the button immediately after.

7. You should notice that your cursor moved to the place where you clicked the mouse. Press on the “X” key and an x will appear where your cursor is located.

The Main Menu

The Main Menu is located at the top of your screen and it contains the words File, Edit and View along with others.

Opening Up a New Text File

1. Click on File, then New and Text Document. Click on these words in order.

2. The text document will appear on your screen titled “Untitled1.”

Optimize Your Writer Window

You are capable of increasing or decreasing the size for what you see on your screen.

1. Click on View, then Zoom and Optimal and a dot will appear next to the word Optimal. At this point, click Ok.

2. Experiment with other choices depending on your needs.

Name a File and Save it

1. First click File, then click Save As and the “Save As” window will appear.

2. Under “Save In,” which is a pull-down menu, click “My Documents”, then click on the down arrow to open up the pull-down menu so that you can select “My Documents.”

3. Under the “File Name” menu, select “My First File” and then click Save.

4. “My first file — OpenOffice Writer” will appear at the top of your screen. This named file will still be opened up on your computer, and is in the text file format. The file has also been saved to your “My Documents” folder under this name.

How to Close Your File

1. To close a file, click on File and Close. This “My first file” file will close.

How to Open Another File

1. To open a new file, click on File and Open so that the open dialog appears.

2. Open up the look-in box by clicking on the down arrow, then select “My Documents” and select the “My first file” file. Click on Open.

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