The Process for Creating A Newsletter in OpenOffice

A Tip For This Tutorial It is recommended that you print out the Newsletter before starting the tutorial for maximum benefit. Steps To Open A New Text Document 1. From the desktop select Start, then All programs, then 2.2, then Writer. 2. From an OpenOffice … [Read more...]

Select, Copy, Cut, Paste and Drag Tutorial

Learn how to Select, Copy, Cut and Paste with this OpenOffice tutorial. To begin this lesson, open a text file and write out the following phrase: “My name is Jane Doe. Is your name Joe Blow?” How to Select Nothing can be done to any text unless it has been selected. How to Select … [Read more...]

How to Create A Master Document in Open Office

Introduction The purpose of an OpenOffice Master Document is so that individuals can work on single documents, then combine them into a Master Document which acts like one singular document. This tutorial is designed to create separate documents as chapters in a book. The Master Document … [Read more...]

How To Restart A Presentation Automatically Tutorial

How To Restart A Presentation Automatically Your OpenOffice Impress presentations can be set to restart automatically on a set time frame. This can come in handy for presentations at trade shows or right before a large event where you need the presentation to run in a loop. How To Set the … [Read more...]

The Process of PowerPoint to Impress Presentation

Introduction The objective of the tutorial is to covert a PowerPoint Presentation from Microsoft to Impress Presentation for use by Sun Office or Open Office. When accessing PowerPoint presentations with Open Office, the transition for the slides don’t convert each and every time. You may … [Read more...]

How To Print An Envelope Tutorial

With this tutorial, you will learn how to print a #10 envelope (#10 envelopes are 9.50” wide by 4.13” long) by using OpenOffice. Printing the envelope with OpenOffice is the easy part. The difficult part will be setting up your printer to print it. Setting Up The Printer, Adding the … [Read more...]

Using Columns in Open Office

The purpose of this OpenOffice tutorial is to explain how columns are utilized in spreadsheets. For this tutorial, a check register is created. This register will contain columns for check numbers, payee name, withdrawal, deposit and balance, and item description. There will be more … [Read more...]

Print a Spreadsheet Tutorial

Purpose of Tutorial This Openoffice tutorial educates about basic spreadsheet skills. The Page Preview Toolbar The toolbar titled Page Preview allows users to be able to preview what Calc is going to be printing. 1. Select the “Checking” worksheet. The arrow buttons at the bottom of … [Read more...]

Charting Data Using OpenOffice

Intention of This Tutorial This OpenOffice tutorial is intended to develop spreadsheet skills as well as specifically learning how to chart data. The Relationship of the Data in A Spreadsheet All data should show a relationship when creating a spreadsheet. A budget is a prime example of … [Read more...]

Presentation Wizard and Templates Tutorial

Use Presentation Wizard to create presentations. The OpenOffice download already comes with two templates already created for your use. These templates are the Introducing a New Product and Recommendation of a Strategy Templates. 1. Select from the toolbar File, then New, Presentation and … [Read more...]