Write A Poem Template

Purpose of Tutorial

This will teach you how to create Paragraph Styles that can be used for Poems. Simple poems can be written to show how to use the Paragraph Styles.

Opening a New Document

1. From OpenOffice, select in the menu bar File >> New >> Text Document. A document titled “Untitled1” will appear. In the Menu Bar, the second line from the top, you can click on any word and it will show you what you can do in Writer.

2. From the desktop. Select Start >> Programs >> OpenOffice. Select OpenOffice Writer. A document titled “Untitled1” will appear.

Create a New Paragraph Style Called “Poem”

1. Select Format >> Styles and Formatting. A window titled “Styles and Formatting” will appear. On the highlighted word, right-click Default. To right click, press on the right mouse button with your middle finger and make a menu appear. Select New. A Paragraph Style window will appear.

2. Under the dialog box called Name, Delete Untitled1 and write “Poem”. The word “Poem” signifies the “Name” and the “Next Style”.

3. In the Linked with box click inside, scroll and select the word None. To scroll put the cursor on the arrow and keep clicking until none appears on the list in the dialog box.

4. Select the tab titled Alignment. Below Options choose Center. A dot will be before the word Center, to choose Center.

5. Select the tab titled Font. Under the Size menu scroll to 10pt font. Sometimes, the size will present itself as a percentage instead of a round number. If this should happen move your cursor to the box above the font size and delete the number that is present in the Size box then type the desired number followed by letters, in this case 20pt. To do the reverse and change points to percentage delete the number in the size box and type it as a percentage like 25%

6. Select OK. A cursor will show up on screen and the Paragraph Style called “Poem” has been added to the list.

Create a Paragraph Style Called “Poem Heading”

1. Select Default then Right-click for a menu to appear.

2. Select New and a Paragraph Style window will appear.

3. Under the Name box, delete Untitled1 and write “Poem Heading”. The words “Poem Heading” show up under Name dialog box.

4. Under the Next Style box, press the arrow and choose Poem from the list.

5. Under the dialog box called Linked with, select the v and make a menu appear. Find and select “Heading.” NOTE: Heading is inside the Linked in box. If changes are made to the Paragraph Style named Heading it will change all Paragraph Styles with the word Heading iin the title. Select OK.

6. On Poem Heading, right-click. A window titled “Paragraph Style: Poem Heading” will appear. Select Modify >> Alignment. Below Options, select Center >> Ok.

Activate the Paragraph Style Called “Poem Heading”

1. Inside the Paragraph Styles window, Poem Heading will need to be double-clicked. Poem Heading will appear in the box titled “Apply Styles” inside the Formatting Toolbar on the top of the screen. The cursor will move to the center of the page.

2. Write the phrase, Name of Poem and hit Enter. The cursor will move down two lines and Paragraph Style known as Poem Heading is active.

Activate the Paragraph Style Called “Poem”

1. Inside the window titled “Paragraph Style” double-click Poem. The “Paragraph Style” called “Poem” will appear in the “Apply Styles” box.

2. Write the words “Roses are Red.” Hit Enter.

3. Write the words “Violets are blue.” Hit Enter.

4. Write the words “What is written.” Hit Enter

5. Write the words “Must Rhyme for you.” Hit Enter.

Create and Apply A Paragraph Style Named “Poem Author”

1. In the Paragraph Styles window, right-click anywhere and a menu will appear.

2. Select New and a “Paragraph Style” window will appear.

3. Under the box titled Name, remove Untitled1 and write “Poem Author”.

4. Under the box with Linked with, hit the arrow. A menu will appear.

5. Scroll through and select Poem.

6. Select the tab Font.

7. Select Bold under Typeface.

8. Select OK.

9. Under Paragraph Styles window, double-click on Poem Author.

10. Write your name. Close out Styles and Formatting window. Select the X in the upper right corner of the window called “Styles and Formatting. “

Save For Later Use

1. Select File >> Save As.

2. Under the box for File name, write My Poem. This will name the file “My Poem”.

3. In the box called Save in: select My Documents, this may be done already.

4. Select Save. This saves the document for future use and can be reopened at a later time. The document will still be on the screen and any changes will not effect the saved file.

5. Select File >> Close. This will remove the document from the screen.

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